Windows error code 127 solution get swiftly

When Windows error code 127 occurs data aren’t collected from secondary memory to primary memory where it is available for current use. Since, in case of crash for iTunes and QuickTime linkage this problem occurs. So system files partially affected to work in dynamic binding.

Some other inbuilt software such as iTunes and QuickTime in Apple and Mac operating systems are:

  1. iTunes
  2. QuickTime
  3. Apple Software Update
  4. Apple Mobile Device Support
  5. Bonjour
  6. Apple Application Support (iTunes 9 or later)

Common Reasons for Seeing This Error Message

You may see one of these messages after installing iTunes or running an update on iTunes to the latest version:

  • “iTunes was not installed correctly, Please reinstall iTunes. Error 7 (Windows Error 127)”
  • “Entry Not Found” followed by “iTunes Error 7 (Windows Error 127)”
  • “iTunes point of entry not found”

Solution: The best way to do this is by going to add/remove programs from the control panel. Choose the first Microsoft/Apple/Mac product on the list and uninstall it. If you’re prompted to reboot your computer, you can safely not do so at this point. Now, find the next Apple product on your program list and uninstall this also. Repeat this process until all Apple products are uninstalled. This may be a laborious process, but is unfortunately necessary in order to repair Apple Application Support. Once all Apple products are uninstalled, reboot your computer.

After rebooting, it may be a good idea to run a virus check, anti-malware check and a Windows Stability Check, as this will clear up any bad registry entries that may be calling DLL files that were uninstalled along with the Apple software.

You will also need to check and verify that the following folders have been removed:

  • C:\Program Files\Bonjour
  • C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple
  • C:\Program Files\iTunes
  • C:\Program Files\iPod
  • C:\Program Files\QuickTime
  • C:\Windows\System32\QuickTime
  • C:\Windows\System32\QuickTimeVR

If any of these folders still exist, delete them along with their contents.

Once this process is complete, you can now download and install the latest version of iTunes. Install it in the usual way and then check to make sure you can run the software normally.

{Compatible with Windows 8, 7, XP, ME, Vista, 98, 2000 (32/64)
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