Guide to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80246004

In your Windows computer, you can access many applications or programs time to time to complete your technical tasks. It is the most popular OS in the world. However, you may get some error issues time to time while you access the Windows components. Windows update error 0x80246004 is also one of those errors. It comes to you when you try to update the Windows with automatic update tool. The update error 0x80246004 in Windows prompts mainly due to incorrect registry entries or due to system files corruption. You can fix Windows error code 0x80246004 by using some manual or automatic methods. For automatic fixing of the error issue, you can use Advanced System Repair Tool.

{Compatible with Windows 8, 7, XP, ME, Vista, 98, 2000 (32/64)
File Size: 4.9MB Download Time: <(dsl, 2sec, dialup 2min)>}

Symptoms of Windows update error 0x80246004: Some of the common symptoms of update error 0x80246004 in Windows are automatic shutdown, starting problem, repetitive restarting, system sticking, screen freezing, slow performance of the computer, unable to update the Windows, severe data loss, opening of some files without your permission, unable to open some programs or applications sometimes, etc.

Causes of Windows update error 0x80246004: Main reasons for the occurring of update error 0x80246004 in Windows are incomplete installation of the Windows, virus invasion, improper communication between the computer and the automatic update service, wrong registry entries, misconfigured system files, improper maintenance of the system, missing DLL, damaged device drivers, corrupt Device Manager, etc.

Manually fix Windows error code 0x80246004: To fix the Windows update error 0x80246004 manually, you should have a deep technical knowledge. The manual method seems to be the best method to fix error issues in Windows, but if you are having with lack of technical knowledge then it may cause a severe damage to the computer data. You can go with the following manual steps;

  1. Uninstall the recently installed apps and programs.
  2. Check the internet connection properly.
  3. Remove the infectious or corrupt files from the computer.
  4. Run a strong antivirus tool in the computer.
  5. Reinstall the device drives if they are corrupt.
  6. Check if the issue is with server or automatic update service.
  7. You can also reinstall the entire Windows OS again.

The manual method can fix the Windows update error 0x80246004 properly in your computer but it is also recommended that you should apply the method only if you have sound technical knowledge. If error is not resolved with manual procedure, then you must use Advanced System Repair Tool in the computer.

{Compatible with Windows 8, 7, XP, ME, Vista, 98, 2000 (32/64)
File Size: 4.9MB Download Time: <(dsl, 2sec, dialup 2min)>}

Advanced System Repair Tool is one of the most dynamic tools in the world that can be used to fix Windows error issues automatically. The tool will scan the whole computer and find out the errors to remove them completely from the computer. This tool will also remove virus, malware, adware, Trojan, duplicate files, junk files, etc from the system and optimize its performance.

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