Easy to Fix Windows update error 0x80245001

Windows update error 0x80245001 tells there is some common event occurred but it becomes invisible for users like previous incomplete installation of Windows, corrupt or damaged file exists in PC, virus encountered in PC, missing of Windows components. Since Windows update error 0x80245001 defines it malfunctioning regards to registers where data are manipulated at first which is container of executable instruction while mapping on different resources of the system. User should think about automated tool to solve Windows update error 0x80245001 problem.


  • Desktop background changes automatically.
  • Windows performance decreases.
  • Blue screen of death error message appears on the screen.
  • Fails to update existing Windows programs
  • Windows operating system gets freeze
  • Computer system continuously.

So fixing the Windows update error 0x80245001 becomes big bangs for user, but following some steps one by one in hit and trial method one may reach on destination:

  1. DLL files get damage or corrupt due to present of virus, Trojans in your system. To fix this error you have to update DLL files.
  2. Delete all e-bay files which you have downloaded from sights.
  3. To resolve error 0x80245001, just follow the simple steps.
  4. Click on start button and open run command box by using windows+ R.
  5. Paste the below command:
  6. And finally update your windows again. After this process you are able to perform windows update now onwards.

{Compatible with Windows 8, 7, XP, ME, Vista, 98, 2000 (32/64)
File Size: 4.9MB Download Time: <(dsl, 2sec, dialup 2min)>}

Conclusive Decision:
Undoubtedly the whole process to identify and fix the problem is comber sum. An automatic tool   “Advanced System Repair Tool” can quash Windows update error 0x80245001 in easy steps having distinct features viz. sheathing user’s PC from unauthorized access and hacking (malwares).

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